About Us

In about fifteen years, our company has grown from a small team of 3 to a company of over 50 career licensed insurance agents throughout Texas and Oklahoma. We have learned to rely on satisfied clients and word-of-mouth referrals; we pride ourselves on focusing on our clients' needs, not those of insurance companies or financial institutions. Our approach is to individually assess a client's needs, make recommendations only if appropriate, and then continue to assist them and keep them informed on current trends that may affect them or their families.

We believe that you will not find a better or more dedicated agency to provide for your financial and insurance needs than Senior Insurance Brokers, LLC. We plan to continue providing the same top-quality advice and service to seniors for many years to come, and we hope that you will choose us to represent you in the insurance industry.

Career Opportunities with Us

Senior Insurance Brokers, LLC provides Medicare Supplement insurance plans, long-term care products, annuities, and life insurance to seniors. We know and specialize in the unique needs of seniors, and strive to provide services and products that fully equip seniors to meet their life needs.

We provide careers for agents seeking to be full-time sales representatives. We spend the time necessary to ensure that our agents know our products, and we continue to support them in their efforts throughout their careers. We have a state-of-the-art web-based leads system that is constantly updated with new information.

Senior Insurance Brokers, LLC has a comprehensive portfolio of insurance products offered through a broad network of affiliated companies. This provides us with a large, diverse product offering from which we can select the most competitive services for our clients' needs. We expect our agents to transfer their knowledge, skill, and expert advice to our clients. Our agents are trained to work with our clients by analyzing their needs, reviewing their existing plans, and then helping them determine the best ways to meet their financial needs and goals.

We encourage you to consider working with our company. We believe in doing what is right for the client above and beyond all else. "Ethics" is more than just a word to us; it is a way of thinking and working within a profession we enjoy.

If you would like to know more about us or have any questions, please feel free to call our toll-free number: 1-877-524-9252.